Monday Adult Classes – Spring 2018

Begin/Continue Learning Japanese in New Year 2018

Registration starts in December 2017.

All classes are designed to fit the needs of busy adults like you

2018 Spring Semester:   1/29/2018 – 6/04/2018

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Ten more reasons to learn Japanese

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Obon Festivals Calendar

June-August, 2015 Obon Festival Calendar 2015, Dozens of festivals across the west many are free.     See more info about Obon here

 Obon dancers

Have fun, eat good food, enjoy this unique taste of Japanese culture at one or more festivals this summer. Obon participants gather in rings around a yagura, a central raised platform, and dance to the accompaniment of singing and taiko drums. The folk dances usually tell stories of traditional occupations such as fishing and farming. Everyone is encouraged to join in with the seasoned dancers as they circle around the yagura, often wearing colorful yukata (summer kimono) or happi coats representing various area temples. It doesn’t matter whether you are Buddhist or not, whether you are new to Bon odori or whether you have “two left feet.” The important thing is to leave your ego behind and simply express your joy and gratitude for life through the dance.

Responding to Web Input

Thank you for your constructive suggestions regarding these pages.
Some of this input has been implemented and some is in progress.

New this year –
more tasty recipes including basic home-style fare
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increased amount of information on local cultural events
resumed adding descriptions of traditional events in Japan
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The school’s web presence serves three goals:
– outreach and resource for cultural events in the area
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We can fulfill these with your assistance, feedback, resources and use.

The site’s success is really based on the efforts of all enrolled, the volunteers, contributors and editors behind the scenes. Your input on the site and particularly input on resources, cultural activities and recipes is invaluable. Thank you to all who have contributed, visited and logged into the website.

Speech Contest – March 18

Continuing the annual tradition – Sakura Gakuen Saturday students will demonstrate their language skills with the Annual Speech Contest.

We encourage every Saturday School family to attend this event even if your student is not competing. This day is an opportunity for our students to show off what they have learned, express themselves, practice public speaking, and inspire other students. This event is a showcase not only for the students, but the great efforts of our teaching staff and you, the dedicated parents of our wonderful students.

Resolve to Exercise Your Brain

Learning a second language is good for you

» Studies indicate bilingualism is good for health – particularly your brain

Older adults who have spoken two languages since childhood seem to have better cognitive flexibility — meaning, they are better able to go with the flow in the face of a new or unexpected circumstances. This is true even for people who learned a second language later in life. People who speak two languages may process certain words faster. Alzheimer’s can strike anyone, but people who are bilingual may develop the condition four to five years later than people who only speak one language. These are just some of the reasons learning a second language can benefit you beyond the ability to get on the correct train in Tokyo or order something you want from a Sapporo menu.
Several Huffington Post summary articles on the subject:
    » How A Second Language Betters Your Brain
    » 7 Reasons Why It’s Good to Speak Another Language
    » 6 Multilingual Benefits That You Only Get If You Speak Another Language

So join us – keep your brain sharp
try our homework free way to learn Japanese for busy people like you

hello in 7 languages

learn a language & make friends

Register for a Monday Evening Class

Our beginner class, perfect for those with no prior exposure to Japanese. To get a spot in this class or others come to the registration/orientation – see calendar for latest details. Speak to a teacher, see what you can learn with our classes, and sign-up. It is easy.
If you missed this early registration –
    drop by your desired class on the first day to register

  » More Registration information
  » Registration forms
Registration will be held at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento, located at 2401 Riverside Blvd. Find a map here

Spring Food Festival – Pre-Order Feb 22

Enjoy delicious food and support our host, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento, with this annual harbinger of spring. This year the highlight will be shioyaki chicken. sushi and inariAn alternative to the sweetness of teriyaki chicken, this yummy chicken is soaked in a special salt mixture before being grilled. It is a traditional style of Japanese cooking that brings out the best in the meat. If you have never had shioyaki, come try it at this food festival. This event is very popular so do not hesitate – order before it sells out. Pre-order sales are required. Place your order by February 22. The menu includes Shioyaki chicken, sushi, chirashi (tossed sushi rice), udon, Spam musubi and more. Pick up is on Sunday, March 8th, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Order extra for “left-overs” and a tasty excuse to not cook and share it with friends.

Welcome our new Saturday Sensei

The teaching staff is excited to teach our kids all about Japan and its language.
Let’s do all we can to assist them.

The indomitably energetic E. Redmond takes over the challenges of the Beginning class for the month of November. R. Kataoka, a professional bioengineer and student of kendo, teaches the Junior Introductory class. M. Nelson juggles teaching, scouting, sports and two young children along with her passion for cooking when not leading the Chukyu (intermediate) class in an exciting new project. T. Koga, studied literature at UC Berkeley and brings her enthusiasm for language and her wit to the Senior Introductory class. Expect a lot of hands-on cultural exposure with our talented and knowledgeable sensei.
We also welcome back our continuing staff: A. Pugliani (kindergarten) and S. Iwamoto (Advanced). Their dedication to teaching is exemplary.

Drop by and sayよろしくお願いします。 "yoroshiku onegaishimasu"
Look at this informative attempt to convey the complex sentiments behind that phrase.

68th Annual Food & Cultural Bazaar

The Japanese Food and Culture Bazaar is this weekend, August 9 and 10. If you have never been to the bazaar, check out this SacBee article. The bazaar is the principle fundraiser for the Buddhist Church of Sacramento. The funds support the Church’s activities, community projects and affiliated organizations. Sakura Gakuen teachers and families enthusiastically man the Ginza booth each year. Come by and ask about the school. We have lots of interesting things to sell from plastic samurai swords to origami books, phone charms to shoyu dispensers, sake sets to tea pots, fans to laundry bags. A wide selection of sundries can be found in the Ginza booth, named after the famous shopping district of Tokyo. Take this weekend’s opportunity to learn more about the oldest Japanese language school in Northern California, while enjoying food, music, dance and good company at the 68th Annual Japanese Food and Cultural Bazaar.

Memorial Day Weekend Class Schedule

Regarding Holiday Schedule –

Yes, Saturday youth classes will be held on Saturday, May 24th.

NO Monday classes will be held on Monday, May 26th, Memorial Day.

Pacific Rim Street Festival – May 18

Visit us Sunday in Old Sac – try your hand at origami and/or Japanese calligraphy. Talk with a teacher, student or parent to learn more about the programs offered. Sign-up for fall classes. Learn about our discounts and scholarship program. See Pacific Rim Street Fest home page for more details on the festival held Sunday May 18th, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in Old Sacramento. Directions and map of festivities

Pacific Rim Street Fest

Immerse yourself in the diversity of Sacramento’s Asian communities. Learn, eat and enjoy a Sunday in Old Sac.

April 19 – No School

This Saturday there will be no classes. Next weekend, Saturday April 26th classes will resume. For the latest information on what is happening at the school and the school schedule please refer to the school calender. For Saturday family specific items login in and check the Parent Portal under Chōnaikai.

Mark your calendars – Onigiri Fund Raiser and Bake Sale on Sunday May 4th. Some preparation work is needed on Saturday morning, May 3rd. Recipes for the bake sale can be found at the Snack Info page once you have logged into the website.

T-shirts are here

Sakura Gakuen t-shirts and sweatshirts have arrived. The PTC t-shirt coordinator, Keiko, will have a listing of orders and on March 29th she can remind you of what you ordered and the cost. Remember checks should be made out to “Sakura Gakuen PTC”.
If you did not place an order and you still want some of the SG gear, drop by school during Saturday school hours and check out what we have in stock. Students attending the field trip are expected to wear school gear.

Adult students may place an order by completing an order form and giving it to Mrs. Thomas of the Monday School. If we do not have what you want in stock we will add your item(s) to our next order list. When a sufficient number of items is reached, another printing will be made. This is not expected to occur until mid-fall.

Sorry but the on-line ordering of gear is not yet functional. That project is temporarily on hold.

RAMEN ラーメン

The 2nd Annual Ramen Fest was held Sunday November 24th between 10:30 a.m. and 1 the kaikan. At only $6 per bowl of irresistable chāshū (pork) ramen – with limited on site sales – we sold out. There were raffles, baked goods, crafts for kids,and fun had by all. Thank you for supporting the school and sharing a beautiful fall morning with us.


We had our traditional UNDOKAI on Saturday, October 26th.

 All the students, parents and teachers had a great time!

20131026_undokai1  White team won this year.

(expect more photos in the gallery soon)

Osaka-ya Mochi Fundraiser

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!! This is a wonderful gift for someone special or… yourself! These are great sweets and gorgeous to look at too! Download the order form and sell mochi to friends, family, classmates and neighbors and they’ll thank you.

Osaka-ya wagashi shop has kindly agreed to sponsor this fund raiser for our school, and they have incredible reviews on Yelp!

They’re well known for delicious mochi and manju, enormous shaved ice, and quality ingredients.

Orders are due February 5th, so don’t procrastinate.

Among the mochi available for sale are the Smooth Peanut Butter flavor and the Peanut butter with chocolate.