Omu Raisu (Rice Omelette)


A western influenced dish from the turn of the century Ginza

“Omu” is an abbreviation for “omuretsu” (“omelette” pronounced with a Japanese accent) and “Raisu” is obviously a rendition of “rice”. This dish is said to have originated in the Ginza district of Tokyo and inspired by chakin-zushi (pan fried chicken rice). It is a favorite of children and often found in western styled restaurants in Japan.

Servings: 2

• 2 ½ cups fried rice (see yakimeshi recipe) often flavored with diced chicken and sometimes dressed up with shitake, corn, bell pepper. This is a way to help some kids eat vegetables.
• 4 eggs
• 2 tablespoons milk
• ketchup

1. Prepare or warm up fried rice

2. Break eggs, add milk and beat well in a separate container

3.Cook egg mix in lightly greased pan over medium heat until the top begins to slightly set

4. Before egg is too dry add fried rice to one side of pan and flip over the other side’s egg to cover the rice. Cook about another minute to set egg

5. Serve warm and garnish with ketshup
The fried rice can be replaced wth yakisoba for “omusoba”

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