Our enrollment process is simple whether you’re signing up for the
Saturday Kids’ Program or the Adult Program:

  1. Fill out our registration forms
  2. Submit them with tuition payment.
  3. Registration is held in person in the classrooms at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.

Please see our calendar for deadlines

 Register for 2017 Spring Adult Classes

Click here to download a registration form

You must register and pay tuition before attending a class.
You may change class level after attening a class.


 – Follow the direction below to register.

1. Print Adult class registration form and fill in information.

2. Write a check payable to "Sakura Gakuen" for tuition amount.  (One semester class is $210. BCS members' tuition is $168 per semester class.)

3.  Bring registration and tuition check to class, or mail to:

        Sakura Gakuen Adult Class
        c/o The Buddhist Church of Sacramento
        2401 Riverside Blvd.
        Sacramento, CA 95818


For Adult students only:   returning students may register by mail

Print registration form from this website.

Mail your registration form and tuition check by the registration deadline to:
(see Event Calendar for current deadlines)

Sakura Gakuen – Adult Class
c/o Buddhist Church of Sacramento
2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818