Textbooks Youth School

Textbooks are ordered each fall after enrollment and class distribution is determined. If your student already has the appropriate book for their class, please inform the teacher immediately so books are not purchased unnecessarily.

Books are generally available by the 3rd or 4th week of instruction.
The school provides the books as a service to students at no profit.

Purchase books directly from the teacher with cash or check
payable to: Sakura Gakuen

Textbooks - Youth Classes

Yasashii Nihongo - IntroductoryJunior Introductory$35
Yasashii Nihongo -ElementaryBeginning$35
Yasashii Nihongo - IntermediateIntermediate$35
Adventures in Japanese 1Senior Introductory$50
Adventures in Japanese 1Advanced $50

No other textbooks are required. Supplemental materials may be helpful and recommended by teachers, but these are not required.

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