Adult Program – Register for Fall Semester 2020

We are open for registration for Fall semester 2020 by mail or now, by using our convenient online form.

Please contact Mrs. Thomas. Fall semester starts with the mandatory orientation on August 31, 2020, and ends on January 25, 2021.  All fall classes are online this year. There will be a new Introductory beginner class for novices.  If you are registering by mail, please follow the direction on Adult class page under registration; print and complete the registration form before mailing to us. Payment is due in full. For details on the other adult classes offered, fees, textbooks, etc please see the Adult Classes Page.

Monday classes are designed for busy people like you. Our conversation classes are perfect preparation for your trip to Japan. We also have higher level classes as well as Kanji class.  Please read the adult class page and associated pages for more information on the school as most of the answers to your questions will be found online.

For answers to questions not addressed on these webpages contact us. The Dean of the Adult School, Mrs. Thomas, will gladly respond to your Monday adult classes questions.