Benefactors, Friends and Alumni

The school greatly appreciates and recognizes the generosity of the following:

Organizations and businesses
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   Buddhist Church of Sacramento
   Oto’s Marketplace
   Sidehill Citrus
   Sac Anime
   North American Food Distributing Co., Inc.
   Drawing a Crowd
   Gary Express Inc


Individuals and Families

   Issel Family
   DeAnda Family
   Worrell Family
   Berke Family
   Tanaka Family
   A.Niizawa Morris
   Tomita Family
   Nishi Family

This page attempts to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of the people and institutions that have contributed to the program over recent years. The list is far from complete. Many more have helped in many different ways. Any failure to recognize individuals and institutions is due to a deficit in knowledge of the institutional history of Sakura Gakuen. If you wish to have someone recognized on this page for their efforts, please submit any nominations here.

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Arigatou gozaimasu
Thank you