Shodo Tools

Inkstick (墨 sumi) –
Mulberry paper (和紙 washi) –
Inkstone (硯 suzuri) – to grind the inkstick against, mixed with water and inkwell
Paper weight (文鎮 bunchin) – to hold the paper in place
Cloth (下敷き shitajiki) – to place under the paper to prevent ink from bleeding through
Brush (筆 fudé) –

During preparation, water is poured into the inkstone and the inkstick is ground against it, mixing the water with the dried ink to liquefy it. As this is a time-consuming process, modern-day calligraphy provides liquid ink in a bottle called Bokuju (墨汁 bokujū).

The fudé (brushes) come in various shapes and sizes, and are usually have animal hair (e.g., goat, sheep, horse) for the bristles. The handle may be made from wood, bamboo, plastic or other materials.
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The thin hanshi (paper) is smooth on one side and slightly textured on the upper surface. The texture and absorbancy of the paper influences the color and crispness of the finished product.
types of rice paper

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