Kindergarten time is an incredible time for growth and development. At Sakura Gakuen we understand that children of this age are developing language and cognitive skills that will be an advantage for a lifetime. We offer our kindergarten program for children  of all backgrounds ages 4~6 to boost language ability and widen cultural experiences.

Sakura Gakuen Kindergarten Goals:

  • Familiarize children with Japanese language and culture through activities
  • To be able to understand basic words
  • To be able to use Japanese greetings
  • To be able to follow simple directions
  • To be able to respond to simple questions
  • To be able to recite numbers 1 to 10
  • To be able to recognize her/his own name in hiragana
  • To be able to sing several Japanese songs

Join this wonderful class!


  • Tuition $180 (per semester)
  • Book Fee $50 (per year)
  • PTC Deposit $50 (per year per family)
  • PTC Dues $20 (per semester)

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