Where can I find information about…?

Our website is organized into two principle sections. The top (black) menu bar found above the school banner is primarily for prospective students, though there are forms and other items helpful to currently enrolled as well. The pink menu bar below the school banner has links to information most useful for everyone interested in Japanese culture and language and supporting the school. Current Saturday students and their families will find most of the information relevant to them under “Chōnakai” on the pink menu bar.

The search tool for the website is found at the top of the right sidebar on all pages. Just type your search terms and you should find what you need. Currently enrolled students should log into the website if they are looking for specific information regarding the PTC, events and committees, their volunteer assignments, etc.

After using these tools you still can not find something on this website, please contact us and let us know what you would like to see or find on our pages. As this is a volunteer run school, please be patient as we get back to you.

Where is the school located?

All classes are held in the classrooms of the Buddhist Church of Sacramento located at 2401 Riverside Blvd, in Sacramento (Click here for a map). Our students come from all over the Sacramento region as well as from Stockton, Fairfield, Placerville and Penryn areas.

How much do classes cost?

Tuition depends on the classes you are interested in. As of Spring 2014, Adult classes are $195 per semester, Youth classes $240 per semester (less with sibling discounts) and Kindergarten classes are $180 per semester for each student. 

For more details about what tuition covers and other fees involved with registration, please visit our Tuition, Fees and Deposits page.

Are classes only for Japanese people?

No way. We have a diverse student body and everyone is welcome. Some students enroll in our classes because they are Japanese and want to retain language skills and enjoy Japanese culture, but many are enrolled with hopes that they will someday visit Japan or work in an industry that requires a fluent grasp of the language.

Many families are involved simply because they are interested in the country and the people, and enjoying learning about the customs, food, and traditions of Japan.

Whatever the reason they began their studies in Japanese, they stay because we have a successful program and have a nurturing atmosphere to create long-lasting friendships and networks.

If you are interested in touring our facility, contact us!

When can I start?

Monday’s Adult classes generally begin the first week of September and February. Students are welcome to enroll in the classes offered each semester. A quick assessment with the Dean will help place you in the most effective class for you to reach your learning goals. Check the adult classes page and Event Calendar for specific dates and times to register. Students are welcome to join a class in progress at the discretion of the Monday Dean.

Saturday Youth classes generally begin the first week of September and February. It is recommended that students begin instruction in Japanese in the fall as the second (spring) semester builds on what is taught in the fall. Only those with a solid knowledge of either hiragana or katakana should begin in the spring. It has been found to be too difficult for most students to catch up on the missed three months of the prior semester. A free and quick assessment of a prospective spring enrolling student can be conducted by the teaching staff or Dean upon arrangement. Registration for fall semester is in late August and the first day of school in September. See Event Calendar for details.

Does my high school offer credit for your classes?

Did you know you might be able to earn high school foreign language credit by attending classes at Sakura Gakuen School? It depends on your school and district. See this page for more details about credit.

If a student misses a total of 9 hours or more per semester, he/she cannot obtain credit for that semester. If the student fails to follow the rules, he/she will not be able to obtain the credit. See the Rules for Credit Form for more details.

For more information about applying for high school credit please contact the Dean and your high school guidance counselor.