Parent Participation

Sakura Gakuen youth and kindergarten programs depend on active parent participation. The children will benefit when parent participation is evident. The overall success of scheduled cultural events (cultural holidays, seasonal festivals, field trips, field days) and fundraisers is due to the team effort of all parents. As such, each family is required to fulfill their parent participation requirements, which includes at least two recess/snack duty shifts, a cultural activity day, school fundraiser and participating in the yearly August bazaar. The more parent participation we have, the better the programs we can offer our students.

The dedicated cadre of PTC Officers are parents like you, that have stepped up to help guide the school. The officers have experienced the school in action for at least a year and realize that it takes the whole community working together to successfully operate this parent driven program.
Besides the satisfaction of contributing and embodying the school’s mission, these parents other required duties are proportionally reduced. Working with the teaching staff, school board and parents is rewarding in many ways. Japanese fluency is not required for these positions. A knowledge of the language and culture is helpful, but everyone is welcome to come, learn and make lasting friendships.

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