There is an annual (per school year) deposit that is refundable after all parent participation requirements for the academic year are satisfied. See Refund Policies
for more details.

Volunteer Requirements for Each Family*

2 Recess monitor/snack duty days per semester
1 Cultural Day Event or Activity per semester
1 School Fundraiser Event per semester **
1 Shift at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento August Bazaar, per school year

     * Exact requirements may vary slightly, contingent on enrollment, participation and manpower requirements.
     ** School Fundraisers include the Ramen Fest and Kid’s Day Onigiri events that fund the whole school. The PTC may have other fundraiser events, but these PTC activities are not included in this School Fundraiser requirement. PTC fundraisers may be included in the Cultural Events category of volunteer duties.

Volunteering is Easy – During each semester’s registration event, parents will have the opportunity to pick the activities they will participate in on a first come first served basis. Sign up sheets for each event will be available during registration and will also be available during regular school hours for the first month of the semester. All families are expected to have signed up for all the required volunteer duties by the 5th week of school. Easy on-line volunteer sign up will be available for registered families for the first month of school.

Families with only kindergarteners enrolled are exempt from the recess/snack and culture day requirements. Participation in fundraisers for the school and the Bazaar are required.

Though not required, it is highly recommended that each family participate
in at least 1 Committee/team per year.

If your family has not signed up for the appropriate number of volunteer events by the 5th week of instruction, your child may not attend class.

Please see the PTC President or Parent Participation Coordinator if you have any questions. If you prefer, you may send a message by clicking here.

Volunteer Requirements for PTC Officers/Board Members

All PTC officers who have students enrolled in the program are required to sign up for a culture event each semester, a shift at the semester’s fundraiser, and 1 shift at the bazaar.
All school board members who have students enrolled in the program are required to sign up for 1 shift at the bazaar. PTC Officers sharing a role are expected to also sign up for an additional shift at both the bazaar and at least one of the fundraisers held that year. Sharing a role within a family does not require this compensation.

Events/Cultural Days

Events are scheduled during regular school hours of 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, unless otherwise specified. Some events require parents to start preparation at 8:30 am.  All parents are asked to stay and help clean up after events.

Deposit Refunds

Since the Bazaar requirement is not fulfilled until August after the end of the academic year, the  deposit can not be refunded or carried forward for the next year until September. Upon completion of all the required duties for the school year, families have the option to roll their deposit(s) to the next school year.  If your child is graduating or will otherwise withdraw from the school, you have the option of donating the deposit to the PTC or request a refund after completing your shift (s) at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento August Bazaar. All requests for refunds must be submitted to the PTC in writing by September 15th of that year. All refunds will be mailed out in October. The preceding year’s deposit account will be closed by the first of November and all funds remaining will be transferred to the General fund for the current school year.

Volunteer Events You Signed Up for But Cannot Attend

If there turns out to be a scheduling conflict with the date for which you signed up, it is your responsibility to find a substitute to fill your spot. A list of contact information for parents willing to switch dates will be made available ASAP. If you do not find a substitute, or if do you and they do not show up, then it will be necessary for you to schedule another volunteer event in order to make up for the absence.