Why it Works

Through a vibrant parent participation program, our students thrive academically and socially while their families feel connected to our school community. Parents are our most valuable and important resource. Their involvement is vital to the success of the school. Volunteers help in the classrooms, work on special events such as Promotion, Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day), Shogatsu (New Year’s Day), and participate in the Undokai (Sports Day) games.

Parent volunteers make activities so much fun! Is anyone having more fun than the exuberant runner in the rainbow shirt?

There is a very active Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) whose fund raising efforts help purchase supplementary materials and staff various school events. Parents share their skills in technology, fine arts and other areas to support and enhance student learning. As a team, teachers and parents create a caring, stimulating, and supportive environment for our children to learn Japanese language, culture, and a sense of community.

Participation in various activities such as cooking for potlucks and construction and volunteering at the August Bazaar booth promote the community of Sakura Gakuen and bring alumni back with their children. Parents have informally organized cooking demonstrations and Saturday shopping trips. Involvement of our parents in the school is integral to the support and success of the curriculum that Sakura Gakuen provides to our students.

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