Youth School Rules

If students do not follow the school rules and mitigation actions are not effective, they may be expelled from the school with no refund of tuition or dues. This page is just an overview of the rules. The official school rules can be found here.

1. Restricted areas for all students

a. Main chapel and little chapel
b. Japanese garden and Nokotsudo (columbarium)
c. Church office area
d. Parking lot and alley
e. North kitchen and caretaker’s residence/yard
f. Roof

2. Class Rules

a. Eating and drinking are not allowed during class hours. A snack may be eaten in the classroom during recess.
b. Students must go straight to class when the bell rings.
c. There are to be no outdoor recess toys in the classrooms or hallways.
d. Electronic devices must be put away during class time. The teacher will confiscate such items left out and returned to parents at the end of the day upon request.
e. The teacher will hold toys, books, and magazines brought from home until recess time if the student has them out during class time. Please mark all belongings from home with your child’s name.

3. Recess Rules:

a. Respect church property by not misusing it (no tree-climbing, no banister-sliding, etc.)
b. Respect parent volunteers who are monitoring recess by following their instructions.
c. Respect all non-Sakura Gakuen adults on the premises by walking (not running) near them.
d. Students are restricted to the church premises during school hours.
e. Play equipment may only be taken into the courtyard or gym (kaikan).
f. Help maintain cleanliness of drinking fountain, rest rooms, hallways, by picking up after yourself.
g. Doors leading to the alley are not to be used other than in an emergency.
h. Vandalism of church property such as on walls, doors, desks and chairs is prohibited.

4. Parent Recess Supervision:

All parents are expected to guide students to prevent unsafe behavior during recess. Please report all damages and injuries to the teachers, who will report them to the Church Office. A first aid kit is available in the teacher’s office for minor injuries.

PLEASE NOTE: Disciplinary procedures for violations of school rules or disturbances in the classroom by student(s):

a. If a students breaks one of the above rules, then they will be reprimanded verbally. A written warning will be sent to the parent of any student who continues misbehaving as the first documented notification of misbehavior.

b. If a student receives three  warnings in any given day, then a parent will be required to attend the school with their child until the behavior is corrected. If the parent is unable or unwilling to attend and the student’s negative behavior continues, a letter of final warning will be mailed.

c. Any behavior not mitigated by the above, or behavior that is unsafe and/or otherwise makes the school not conducive for learning, the Dean or School Board may expel the student.

Click here to download the verification form. Parents and students must sign and return to the office at the time of registration. Students will not be allowed to participate in any school activities without a current academic year signed rules acknowledgement form on file with the school.