PTC Events Binder

This page is the repository for the PTC Events Binder, a collection of instructions and notes on how the events were run and the associated tasks. This is to help future volunteers with maintaining a high quality and fairly consistent program. Append pages regularly to keep this up to date. Keeping some historic records can help, as the spring culture day of 2013 was the first repeat of that event since before 2004. Having some records/memory facilitated the rejuvenation of this event.

The hard copy of these event pages is maintained in a binder in the PTC file cabinet in Room 5 of the annex (a.k.a. “teachers’ room”).


Binder Cover Page

Fall Registration (PTC)

First Day of School Fall Semester (PTC)

Parent – Teacher Welcome (new Sept 2013)

Undokai (October)
           Undokai Events 2011
           Undokai Donations Request 2012
           Undokai Flyer 2008

Obento Fund Raiser pending

Ramen Fund Raiser
           Ramen Fest 2014 Flyer

Mikan Fund Raiser (PTC)
           Mikan 2014 Order Form
           Mikan Sale Order-Flyer 2012
           Mikan Purchase Thank You 2013

Onigiri Fund Raiser pending

Tamale Fund Raiser (PTC)
          Tamale Order Form

Holiday Open House / Potluck (December)
          Kaikan set-up 2011
          volunteer instructions 2010
          Open House Potluck flyer 2010
          Open House Potluck flyer 2014

New Year’s Culture Day

Spring Registration
           Spring Registration – revisions spring 2015
           Signs and Arrows (Word)

Speech Contest/Children’s Day
           2014 modifications
           2014 Room set-up
           2014 speech publication – 6th Annual
           Speech Contest layout Kaikan – 2011
           Speech & Culture Day activities – 2011

Spring Culture Festival pending

Field Trip pending
           Forms may be found here (~ 6 weeks before trip)
           2015 – Info & interest survey needed for bus reservations –
              Respond before March 14
           Policies pending

           92nd Promotion Program – example
           Hotaru no hikari – lyrics
           Land Park Promotion layout – 2014
           Land Park Promotion Set-up Instructions – 2014

Bazaar (August)
          Bazaar – overview of tasks
          Bazaar – May/June tasks
          Bazaar – Friday tasks
          Bazaar – Saturday tasks
          Bazaar – Sunday tasks

 Undokai 2013

Students, teachers and parents having fun at the 2013 Undokai Culture Day