PTC Officers needed

To maintain the quality of the school program, help teachers and new families learn to love this school, a small cadre of dedicated parents steps up annually to contribute time and energy to directing the PTC. Many tasks are documented and simple. Many can be delegated and/or shared to make them easier. This year a treasurer and president(s) are needed. We may also need a secretary and volunteer coordinator if the current officers would like to step aside to give others the experience. This is an opportunity to learn from the outgoing officers, the growing archive of event documentation and expand your roll in the education of our children. There are plenty of parents willing to help you, but not take on the mantle of leadership or a title for themselves. These people are indispensable
to the success of the school. They just need you for a nudge or nod from you. Yes you can be a leader, just commit and follow through for the entire year.

PTC Treasurer
The most important position is the PTC Treasurer. This job requires
unquestionable integrity, attention to detail, ability to work well with others, communicate clearly, and have excellent Excel skills. The candidate for this position must work with the outgoing treasurer and receive the approval of the school board officers as well as be voted for by the parents. This person is one that all must trust and feel comfortable with handling the PTC accounts.

PTC Volunteer Coordinator
Tact and great communication abilities, as well as the skill to motivate parents is needed for this position. Technical skills required include a comfortable Excel and WordPress familiarity. Many tasks can be automated with some technical skill. This position is very important as family deposits are effectively in the hands of this person – tracking fulfillment of volunteer duties and providing fair and equitable alternatives for those unable to fulfill the tasks for legitimately excusable reasons. Integrity is also a part of this job.

PTC Secretary
Attend all PTC meetings during the school year and take clear and complete notes. These are then polished and provided to the PTC officers for amendments before being posted on teh webpage and provided to the Saturday Dean and School Board by email.
Other tasks include PTC correspondence at the request of the PTC President or School Board. Good writing skills are helpful.

PTC President(s)
This job can be broken amongst a few parents, but one must be over the others as that person is the one required to attend monthly t bi-monthly meetings of the School Board in the evenings. Board meetings also occur during the summer months. This job requires a significant commitment of time and energy. This seating of the primary position candidate is subject to the approval of the School Board in addition to the parents. If this person can not work with the School Board, the communication needed for the school to function can not be maintained. The abilities needed for this job are to be outlined shortly in an update to this post.

The prime directive of the PTC officers is to not overshadow the needs of the school with drama or personal issues. They are here to keep the school functioning smoothly. They are here to support the teachers, Dean and School Board’s actions. The PTC Officers are people you trust and that have the school’s best interest, not an agenda as their motivation. Are you ready to step forward and keep the Sakura Gakuen legacy thriving for another century? The school needs you.