Japanese Language Resources and Cultural Activities

Current Cultural Events

more content to come… suggestions are welcome

Academic Links
Other Language Schools
Language Resources online
Cultural Exchange Programs
      Ship for World Youth cultural exchange program by the Government of Japan
      Tomodachi – promoting Tohoku Quake recovery
      Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships for Foreign Students
      JET:Japanese and Teaching Exchange Program
      More exchange progams

Northern California Japanese Connections
      Current Cultural Events in the region

    Sacramento Taiko Dan
    Naoko Koto & Shamisen
    Placer Ume Taiko
    Bay Area Shakuhachi School
    San Jose Taiko
    Emeryville Taiko
    Taikousa Taiko Studio Berkeley

    Northern California Okinawa Dance Academy

    Sacramento Bonsai Club
    San Jose Betsuin Bonsai Club
    Clark Center Bonsai Garden
    San Francisco – Ikebana International
    Tea Ceremony – Sac State Library
    Kabuki Club
    Shodō (Calligraphy) Classes – San Jose
    Shodō (Calligraphy) FYI – Sakura Gakuen
    San Francisco – Ikebana International

    Basic Origami Instruction Book more pending
    Davis Origami Group
    Sacramento Origami Club

    California Japanese American Experience

    Japanese Food Culture – Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Rice: It is More Than Food
    Sushi – Globalization
    Role of Sake in Japanese Cuisine
    Five Basic Ingredients:Japanese Seasoning from Kanako’s Kitchen
    Chopstick (hashi) Tutorial and Sushi Etiquette

        Kimono vs. Yukata
        Wafuku blog
        Matsuri wear
        Getting Dressed for Matsuri
        Yukata & Kimono: How to Wear Part 1, Part 2


Other Opportunities
    Speech Contest – Cupertino April 26, 2014 age 14 and up – win a trip to Japan.         2015 festival info available by mid-February

    Summer Taiko at Stanford 2015 for 9 to 12 years old, 9am to 2:30pm,
        July 6-10, 2015. Applications by mid-January

    Santa Cruz Japanese Culture Day – Poster Contest 2015 Artists create something
        unique for this annual event’s poster and win $200. Deadline is February 7, 2015.