Japanese American Experience

Whether you are of Japanese heritage or not, a historical context and awareness of the richness of the American experience of Japanese immigrants contributes to an appreciation of our shared American culture and tongue as well as those of others.

These links are a small compilation of the resources available to explore the Japanese American experience.These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Sakura Gakuen Japanese Language School, its board, faculty, affiliates, or its host, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. Sakura Gakuen Japanese Language School bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. These links demonstrate the breadth of material available for those interested in learning about this fascinating piece of the American quilt. External links open in new windows

History and perspectives

Chronology of Japanese American History
Nihonmachi (Japantowns) in California
Remembering the Nikkei experience
Japanese American Museum of San Jose
Japanese American History Archives
Japanese American National Museum L.A.
Sacramento – Japanese American history
National Archives – JA resources
National Park Service: JA in California
Sacramento 1940’s JA businesses
Florin JA Citizens League – oral histories
Placer County 1940’s JA businesses
Walnut Creek 1940’s JA businesses
Koda Farms history
Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Colony Farm history
Wakamatsu today
Oakland’s Japantown
Oakland JA Community today
Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo residents talk
Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo’s future
San Fernando Valley: role of immigrant labor
Overview of JA assimilation
Racial dynamics, cold war and film
Asian American Literary Pioneers
Obon in America
Jodo Shinshu Buddhism came to CA
CA JA historic sites
Japanese roots in Bay Area
Nippon Hospital, Stockton
Farming Opportunities for Issei
Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco
Nihonjin-Machi – San Francisco
Crocker Museum protected JA art during WWII
442nd: American Heroes
WW2 Building 640 video
Growing up JA in Southern California
Nisei Queens through the years
JA business blooms SoCal flower market
Oral History: Densho Project
Oral History: Discover Nikkei
Our History: Sakura Gakuen families – pending

Japanese Schools History
       Community organizations (1st school)
       First Japanese schools
       Images of first CA school
       History of Sakura Gakuen
       Sakura Gakuen photo album – pending
       Oriental school segregation
       Discrimination in Sacramento schools
       Tahoma WA Nihonmachi and school
       Book review: Tahoma Nihonmachi

Internment links
       Tule Lake Committee
       Manzanar Committee
       Manzanar National Historic Site
       Manzanar montage of images
       Internment Legacy
       Executive Order 9066

War brides
       Fall 7 times Get up 8 – trailer
       War Brides – Youtube
       Oral History Project -review
       Learn to be American
       Pre-production documentary trailer
       Pine City war bride gallery
       East is East – 1952 film
       Struggles faced by strong women
       Overview WWII war brides

Renown Japanese Americans
Wikipedia listing

A rotating spotlight of a few notables:
Fred Korematsu – On Civil Wrongs and Rights
Fred Korematsu Institute
Korematsu v United States

Jack Soo – “Detective Nick Yemana”
Jack Soo – You Don’t Know Jack”
Jack Soo – wiki page

George Takei – “Lt Sulu” of Star Trek
George Takei – Remembering Injustice
George Takei – Youtube series

Jake Shimabukuro – Ukulele
Jake Shimabukuro – Youtube
Jake Shimabukuro – More

Robert Matsui – House Official Biography
Robert Matsui – Child advocate
Robert Matsui – Recalling Internment
Matsui Center – IGS, UC Berkeley

       more coming soon…


California farmers 1937 – keeping food on America’s tables – photo by Dorthea Lang


Concord Nippon-go Gakko
Contra Costa County 1926


442nd troops take a break in Jeep catching up on Italian front line news from home


Japanese War Brides – Oral Histoyr, Miki Ward Crawford, Katie Kaori Hayashi and Shizuko Suenaga, 2009, Praeger Publishers


Jake Shimabukuro – ukelele aficionado –
Life on Four Strings

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