Language Resources

Supplemental and supportive materials to promote the learning experience of our students

These links are provided as a convenience to our students. As a small parent driven school, we acknowledge our limitations and do not try to be something we are not, which is why we refer our students to some (free) outside resources to help learn Japanese. There is no sense in trying to recreate some really great websites, as it would take a lot of time away from the things that make Sakura Gakuen great. Some other general resources (exchange programs, other schools, etc) are appended here as a service to all interested in Japanese language and culture. (external links open in new windows)

      Why learn Japanese
      Why study a second language
            ◊ Why a Second Language
            ◊ When and Why Learn
            ◊ Benefits of Being Bilingual
     Saturday Morning Motivational Tips
     Japan Foundation’s Guide to Help Your Child Succeed
     Second languages delay Alzheimer’s

Supplimental Instruction
     Learn Japanese Pronunciation
     Hear Japanese Pronunciation – audio files
     Japanese Pronunciation – hints (intermediate)
     more content to come…  

Japanese children start to read and write in hiragana before making an attempt to learn some of the two thousand kanji commonly used.
     Introduction to Hiragana
     Hiragana Chart
     Hiragana no romaji
     Hiragana Practice Sheets 1
     Hiragana Quiz 1
     Drag & Drop Hiragana Game
     Hiragana song fast
     Hear Hiragana slow

     Introduction to Katakana
     Katakana Chart
     Katakana Chart – For Beginning Class
     Katakana no romaji
     Katakana Quiz 1
     Katakana to music

     Kiki’s Kanji Dictionary
     Kanji Converter
     Kanji Dictionary
     Kanji Radicals
     Find Kanji by Radicals
     Kanji Demystified
     Kanji flashcards – Java
     Kanji flashcards download PDF

Lesson of The Day

Some Other Schools in California
     California Association of Japanese Language Schools
     Soko Gakuen – San Francisco
     Orange Coast Gakuen – Huntington Beach
     San Jose Betsuin Japanese Language School
     Oxnard Japanese Language School
     Gardena Buddhist Church Japanese Language School
     Hollywood Gakuen – Los Angeles
     ポート・オブ・サクラメント補習授業校 Port School – Sacramento
     サンフランシスコ日本語補習校 San Francisco Japanese Language School
     So Alameda Buddhist Church Japanese Language School – Union City
     East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Cultural Center Gakuen – West Covina
     San Diego Japanese School – San Diego
     Japan Society of Northern California Adult & JLPT prep in SF/San Jose/Palo Alto

Exchange Programs*
     American Field Service home stays
     CIEE High School Abroad
     Youth for Understanding International Exchange Program
     Lions Club Youth Exchange
     JET Memorial Invitation Program for high school students (Feb deadline)
     Kakehashi Project US-Japan Youth Exchange
     AY-USA study in Japan program
     Experiment in International Living a program of world learning
     Andeo International Homestays
     ASSE Student Exchange
     CCI Greenheart Cultural Exchange
     New Perspectives – Japan
     Foreign Language Study Abroad Service
     Osaka Girls Senior High School exchange program – now co-ed
     Temple University high school exchange program
     World Campus International – Japan
     Two Worlds United Summer in Japan

* Note that inclusion here does not imply support or approval of the organization or exchange program

Consulate General in San Francisco
     Consulate Home Page
     Consulate Education Page – Scholarships, Exchange and Speach Contest
     Japan FAQ

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
     JLPT – Japanese Language Proficiency Test
     Editorial on JLPT – Japan Times
     JLPT -N5 resources
     JLPT -N4 resources
     JLPT flier
     JLPT N5 self-test

Speech Contest
     Elementary Students Sunday, March 1, 2015

Odds and Ends
     suggestions welcome

     Shirley Temple sings in Japanese (1939)

Other resources (food, music, etc.)