Fund Raisers

Annually several fund raising events are sponsored by the School and the PTC. These activities promote the school community by bringing together students, families and supporters beyond the usual academic and cultural activities. These help us build bonds with each other and the greater community, as well as fund the school in its mission to share Japanese culture and language.

Ramen Fest
Annual fall School event supplements tuition income to keep tuition low and maintain the school’s accessibility.  Ramen Fest 2014 Flyer

Onigiri (rice balls)
School spring event supplements tuition income and funds outreach, educational materials and cultural enrichment activities.  Onigiri 2014 Poster

Satsuma mandarins

Satsuma mandarins

Mikan (Satsuma Mandarins)
Delicious fruit from a local foothill family’s organic farm is sold in November-December to fund the PTC’s scholarship program and assist with the spring field trip/culture day. Mikan Order Form 2014

Manju (spring 2011)
Delicious artisan creations from Osaka-ya for Valentine’s Day, contributed to the revision of the school’s website.



Obento (box lunch)
Sales of beautiful bento made by school parents support cultural enrichment and outreach activities of the PTC.

Tamales (spring 2014)
Sales of delicious tamales courtesy of a creative family. Proceeds contributed to the PTC’s general fund supporting academic and cultural enrichment.

See’s Candy (fall 2011)

Kinokuniya Book Sale (spring 2012)